I received my "newest" bisque doll today. The seller on eBay didn't know anything about the doll, there were few bad quality photos but I just thought it can be really nice so I took the risk and bought it :)
The doll is quite small. Actually the head as the body for sure was not original (to big). I was very surprised to see the signature:
Model "Sam" (on the side again 6/0)
Our best american boy
here comes text that I cannot read, something like His memo(?) line

The wig - short blonde hair - is probably original. I'm not sure about eyes.
here there are some photos of the head.

Please please help me to identify this doll. I'm looking everywhere for something similar but I can't find anything. It is frustrating because the doll is marked and yet it seams impossible to find it.
I'll be really grateful for any clue.

thank you!

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